Forcing Custom Task / Action to complete before a deadline?

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First off, if there is another topic already covering this I apologize as I didn’t find it in my search.

I am deploying an action to a number of PCs, but I need to make sure it completes before a specific time. For example: I send my group an action at 6pm with the action start time of 7pm and an end time of 11pm. I need to make sure they run the action before 11pm without missing the window and going into an ‘expired’ status.

Is this a possibility or am I at the mercy of when the client decides run the action?


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There are a few exceptions to the rule such as temporal distribution, machine being off (without WoL), machines that haven’t contacted a relay/root server, and tasks that require users to be logged in, but normally a task will run immediately.

If the task is critical that it run before 11PM, you can target the computers for installation and watch the action for any machines that may have issues.

Let’s say that you have a 7p to 11p outage window and you must have all of your machines run a specific task in that window. As soon as 7p comes around most of the machines will attempt to run the task if scheduled properly. At this point only machines with issues will not run.