Force Standby in PC Insomnia Conditions recommended policy action?

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I’ve created a baseline that contains the following power management related tasks to help our departments configure power management easily. (We are still on the old Power Management Dashboard currently)

Enable User Idle Time Tracking

Enable Wake-from-Standby by Magic Packet - Windows XP

Set Sleep Sate to S3 when USB Devices are Present - Windows XP

Enable All Input Devices to Allow Wake from Standby - Windows XP/Vista

I have also created recommend power settings tasks that sets the monitor and hard disk to sleep after 15 minutes and the system to sleep after 30 minutes with hibernation turned off. Running on batteries these settings are slightly more aggressive.

In order for our operators to easily deploy this baseline and power setting I’ve created a retrieved property that looks for a text file on the workstation to determine which power profile to enable (we actually have more than just the recommended settings, such as default which removes standby but keeps the monitor setting). I have created an action with no end date for the baseline and I’m using the retrieved property I created as a target. I do the same thing for the power settings as well using this retrieved property to determine which settings should be used on a workstation. There is a custom task I created that copies this special text file to workstations. In order for departments to deploy the recommended power settings they can simply use this task to target workstations as they see fit. The standing actions I’ve created will actually do the work of setting the pre-reqs for power management and the actual settings.

How should I setup the policy action for the Force Standby in PC Insomnia Conditions - Windows XP/Vista? My understanding is the action generated from this task needs to have no end date and it will also have to reapply anytime it’s relevant again. How should I target workstations with this task? Should I target all machines by the custom retrieved property I created? Won’t the relevance in the Insomnia task prevent machines from going to sleep that aren’t experiencing the insomnia condition?

Also what should I set the Reapply this action setting to? Whenever it becomes relevant again or should I use while relevant, waiting 15 minutes between reapplications? I believe we want to have the limit to reapplications check box unmarked.

Viewing the task I see there around 40 machines that have the user idle tracking enable that are suffering from this condition so I know it’s something that will likely impact our environment here with regard to machines actually entering the sleep state. I would like to setup an action that works across all machines so departments don’t have to configure their own action for this task.

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Hey martasma,

You are correct, the PC Insomnia action should be deployed as a “policy” action (which you can set using the “policy” action preset in the take action dialog, which automatically sets the reapply behavior to always, and removes the expiration time).

The task is designed to be relevant only when a machine has been idle longer than was specified in the power profile, so you can freely target the action to all your computers. It will only run on machines that are experiencing PC Insomnia, and will not harm or hinder any other machines.


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Thanks Zak exactly what I needed to hear.

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I’ve received a few reports where some PC’s are going into Standby while the client is using them. I have the Force Standby in PC Insomnia Conditions - Windows XP/Vista as a policy enforced. Could this task somehow be doing this?

Also, I have some scenarios where a few users can not wake up their PC with the keyboard or mouse. The hardware is all the same and the image is all the same yet a few users cannot wake up their PC. I have this action enforced as a policy - Enable All Input Devices to Allow Wake from Standby - Windows XP/Vista. Any thoughts on this.

I have seen an instance where I remove the USBBiosx registry entry set by this task - Set Sleep Sate to S3 when USB Devices are Present - Windows XP and it eneded up working. Although it did not work for the other systems having the issue.

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Hey jr,

We spent a lot of time engineering the insomnia fixlets so that the user would never see it got to sleep when they’ve started using it, so I certainly hope it isn’t our fixlet, though it is possible. You can verify this by checking the client logs on the affected computers to see if the insomnia action is run at the times the user is complaining about (is this in 7.0 or 8.0). If our fixlet is causing this please open a support case so that we can take care of it quickly.

As far as not being able to awaken machines, i’ve never really figured out all the causes of this. My own laptop seems to occasionally have this problem, though never consistently. One theory is that windows occasionally enters standby in a corrupted state, so it cannot resurrect your session.


would you share your fixlet where you are using these setting ?