Folder | Wants to move entire folder having multiple file and then execute one file from them

Dear Team,

I have 6 file in a folder and wants to replace on target system. I am planning to write batch file for taking care file replacement with stop and start depended application service.

Then I am planning to copy all file in a folder and move on target system and execute that batch file by using bgfix.

So in above plan there is two process

  1. Folder containing all (6 file + 1 batch file) movement from center location to all eligible systems in intranet.
  2. File replacement and Service Stop and Start.

So 1) part should be taken care by BigFix and 2) part should be taken care by batch tile.

2nd part is completed and tested on local system.

I am getting issue while perforation 1st part of bigfix.

Please help on this guys…