Folder Creation

can we create this kind of folder {08439167-4CA5-48E9-A810-A3A7C0B80B06} on %localappdata% (currently logged-on user and all user profiles) path through Bigfix…

I won’t be able to test, but the easiest way to handle all user profiles is probably to build a batch file to loop through the folders and create the new folder. Since the new folder name contains { } symbols you’d need to escape them (search for my post on “Escaping curly brackets” in the Tips category for more details)

delete __appendfile
appendfile {concatenation "%0d%0a" of ("mkdir %22" & it & "\{08439167-4CA5-48E9-A810-A3A7C0B80B06}}%22") of pathnames of folders "AppData\Local" of folders of folders "C:\Users"}
delete MakeFolders.cmd
move __appendfile MakeFolders.cmd
waithidden cmd.exe /c MakeFolders.cmd