Fixlets problem in the air gapped network deployment

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I did the steps described in

What I downloaded is the External Sites “Windows Point of Sale”.

When I put the files that have been downloaded already into the TEM server in the default location, and also enabled the “Windows Point of Sale” in the “License Overview” in the TEM Console.

My problem is: In the “Windows Point of Sale” in the “Manage Site” in TEM Console, there are still 0 “Fixlets and Tasks”, 0 “Baselines”, 0 “Analysis” etc… Why the console can’t show the files I have downloaded and put into the server?

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You might want to contact support and see if they can assist…

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Is my problem too complex to solve? or are there some simple suggestions I can have a try?

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I am not sure… It might be something really simple or some major problem… It is hard to troubleshoot on the forums, but if you talk to someone they should be able to help…