Fixlet with HTML TextArea Field to create file on target systems

I have created a Fixlet with a HTML TextArea Field so that I can dynamically enter in 20KB of data. The goal is to send this 20KB of data to the target system(s) to create a file. On initial testing anything lower than 900bytes would be fine. Anything over 900bytes, the default value in the Action Script would be used. I have tried chunking the data into 800byte variables, but I have NOT gotten that to work very well yet.

My question is, how would you handle this?

Download the file from a Web Server, or “pre-cache” the file on your BES Server sha1 folder.

My preference would be a web server.

Thank you for the reply TimRice! But I do NOT have direct access to the Web Server or BES Server. All that I have access to is the BigFix Console. Any ideas about using HTML TextArea Field?

I don’t know whether a parameter has a size limit. You may need to just use a createfile command and change the actionscript as needed.

Or author a custom Dashboard that generates a unique action on-the-fly based on a copy/paste into a dashboard textarea field.