Fixlet to uninstall Bigfix Console Version 9.0.835.0 and down

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Does anyone have a fixlet or relevance/actionscript that uninstalls the IEM console from the latest version (9.0.835 at the time of this post and down through version 8 versions)? I found one on site but it looks for the old location of the console uninstall path in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Current Version\Uninstall\Tivoli Endpoint Manager area. Now I see that no longer exists and it’s by class ID. Had an admin accidently deploy console to 50 machines or so and amazingly there’s no built in fixlet to uninstall the console like there is for relay, agent, software scanner, nmap scanner ect.


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Hmmm. I think a fixlet might make it easier. But in the meantime have you checked out the BES Remove utility?!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/TEM%20Remove%20Utility

You can run it from the command line on those machines that have the console erroneously deployed and get rid of it that way.

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I checked the remove utility and it works great. Problem is running on 50+ computers manually is what we want to avoid : ) You think I can make a custom task using the command line parameters to run it but not remove agent but just console?

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You would just need to add a version check to this:

what about to remove the console for version 9.2.8

BES Remove can remove any platform component of the same version or earlier as the utility. So if you grab the current one it will be able to remove anything earlier


is it working in 9.5 version?