Fixlet to bind PC to AD

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I’m a newbie to creating Fixlets. I’m part of group who is beginning to make use of IEM, and we’re doing some trial experiments. I’ve actually been focusing on using it as Mac Endpoint Management, but now I need to push it to limits of managing (much more numerous) Windows 7 and 8.1 endpoints.

Is there a basic, beans-on-toast structure to putting commands into Fixlets? I’ve seen glimpses of this, but I have not yet put it into place.

For instance, binding machines to AD. If not doing this the long way through the GUI, I would consider rolling it out through a script with NETDOM, like so:

How can I put this into a Fixlet?

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If you mean can you run set of OS commands via a fixlet the answer is definitely yes and there’s a well known approach.

See Fixlet 679 Clear BES Local Download Caches in BES Support site as an example.

It uses appendfile to put the commands into a file.

It then moves this to a .bat file and then runs the .bat.