Fixlet Release Date VS. Source Release Date

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I tried searching for this already but have not been able to find it - is there a way to tell when the Fixlet (from BES) has been released, as opposed to the Source Release date? IE. Most of the time the Fixlets for Microsoft Patches don’t get released until a day or two after Patch Tuesday, is there a easy way to see when these fixlets actually became available?

This information will potentially be used for audit purposes in our organization.

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As far as I know, there’s no way to really get this information without paying close attention to the BES Announcements and watching the site carefully for any new releases in the site.

Generally, our policy is to release Microsoft Patch Tuesday bulletins within a day or two, and for all other OS, usually within 3-5 days. Of course, there are exceptions, such as Microsoft hotfixes, which we only release if there are a substantial number of request for them.

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There actually is a nice little way. There exists a hidden mimefield of the fixlets that tell you the propagation time. Note that this may not always be entirely accurate with the way they are automatically generated when we publish content. Also note possible differences in timezones should be looked at although I think it should be fine.

mime field “X-Fixlet-First-Propagation” of fixlet 1108101 of bes site whose (name of it = “Enterprise Security”)

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Here is a quick report to return the “patch performance” for the last 30 days.

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Thank you all very much for the replies… What is the difference between the mimefield option that Jason presented and the web report that Lee posted? or is it basically the same thing?


Just loaded in the webreport and seems like its based on the Mime Field - so that answers that questions… However I am running v7.2 and for some reason the web report does’t want to work properly. Do I need to be running v8.x? or do I need to enable the view of the hidden fixlets/tasks/properties via Regedit?

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I used a construct that works only in 8.0.

Here is the relevance that you can replace to work with 7.x.

(html “

” & it & html “
Fixlet Source Severity Difference Source Release Time Fixlet Release Time
”) of concatenation of trs of (td of name of it & td of source severity of it & td of (((mime field “x-fixlet-first-propagation” of it) as time - ((source release date of it as string & " 17:00:00 +0000") as time)) as string) & td of (html “” & (((source release date of it as string & " 17:00:00 +0000") as time) as string) & html “”) & td of (html “” & (((mime field “x-fixlet-first-propagation” of it) as time) as local string) & html “”)) of bes fixlets whose (fixlet flag of it and display name of site of it = “Patches for Windows (English)” and name of it as lowercase does not contain “corrupt patch” and name of it as lowercase does not contain “superseded” and current date - source release date of it < 30 * day)

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Excellent - Thank you very much Lee!


sorry to resurrect this old post again, but i just loaded the report to my 9.5.3 web reports server, and the report is coming up empty.
should it work on 9.5.3? if not, what do i need to change to make it work?



In order to get this report working again change “Patches for Windows (English)” to “Patches for Windows”. I realize this is a VERY old post so there may be a better way/more accurate way of determining when HCL releases new Fixlets. If anyone knows of a better way please do share. Thanks!