Fixlet Not getting activated

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Hello All

I just installed TEM Trial software and having a very unique problem.

(1) When I create a custom fixlet under “Master Site”, it gets activated quickly and I am able to execute it

(2) When I create the same exact fixlet under a “Custom Site”, the “Applicable Computer Count” Section shows (0/0) computers.

This seem to happen only with fixlets created under “Custom Site”.

Any pointers or suggestions will be much appreciated.


Senthil Nathan M

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Are any computers subscribed to the custom site? This is the most common reason for fixlets in custom sites to not be applicable. The computer subscriptions for a custom site should be visible if you click on the custom site in the “All Content” area of the console under the “Sites” tree node.

(imported comment written by Senthilnathan Manoharan)

Hello Brian

Thank you for tahing time to respond.

I reviewed the settings you suggested.

I’ve selected “All Computers” Under “Computer Subscriptions” for the custom site.

However, none of the clients are getting listed under “Subscribed Computers” for this site.

I’ve rebooted the entire TEM infrastructure but no impact.

Any suggestions ?


Senthil Nathan M

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Hmm, they should show up as subscribed once you select “All Computers”. Perhaps they didn’t receive the message to subscribe for some reason?

The first workaround to try is to set the subscription to “No Computers”, click “Save”, then change it back to “All Computers”, and click “Save”.

If that doesn’t work then I think you’ll have to start digging in the client log or the file system to see if the client is receiving the message to subscribe to the site.

If the client is subscribed to the custom site, you should see a folder for it in the location: C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client__BESData. For example, if your custom site is called “Bearmo”, there should be a folder called “CustomSite_Bearmo” in the __BESData folder. If it’s there, then the client probably thinks it’s subscribed to the site, and we’d need to start looking at the client or server log to see where things going wrong.

The next thing you can look for is whether the client received the message to subscribe to the site. If your custom site is called “Bearmo”, then in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client__BESData\actionsite there should be a file called “Subscription for Bearmo.fxf” that contains the subscription information.

Last, you can look at the client log at C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client__BESData__Global\Logs to see if there are any messages about subscribing or the custom site, or any other error messages.

(imported comment written by Senthilnathan Manoharan)

Hello Brian

Thank you for the detailed response and thanks for fixing the problem.

I changed subscription for my custom site to no computers and then added all computers which worked.

I had to wait for several minutes for the change to take effect but the problem is now fixed.

Thank you very much for the solution


Senthil Nathan M