Fixlet Never runs

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Can anyone tell me why a relevant fixlet would be downloaded to a client and never run or at the very least take hours (3 or 4 min) to run? To be specific a task is created then deployed. Within minutes it (tet .fxf file) shows up on a machine but never actually runs, or sometimes (less often) it runs in several hours.


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You could have several issues:

  • Your agents are constantly getting “interrupted” by other tasks and don’t get a chance to run the files… (perhaps you have lots of opsite failures, command polling too frequent, or other interruption).
  • You might have your agent CPU usage turned down extremely low.
  • You might have very large multi-action groups that are constrained actions with old versions of the agent (6.0 or earlier) using non-efficient mime.

Your best bet is to enable emsg logging at level 10,000, send an action, wait for it to respond taking longer than expected and then send the info to support for analysis.

You might also consider purchasing an onsite or remote Optimization Service from the BigFix Services team.


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Thanks Ben I’ll look into those things. How can I enable emsg logging at level 10,000? That I don not know.

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You can enable the emsg log through a task on the BES Support site or by using instructions at: