Fixlet Id:- 7 VMWare Modify Virtual Machine

Hello All,

Fixlet Id 7 has filed related to modifying Hard Disk, Memory and Number of Processor. So, I want to disable Hard Disk filed and this action should only modify Memory and Number of Processor.
Can anyone please let me know the best way to disable Hard Disk option in Fixlet. Kindly see the below screenshot:-

Any info on the same query please!!

You would have to create a custom copy to a custom site and then modify the source code. You cannot modify content within external sites.

Alternatively, you could submit an RFE to the development team to provide additional options for this fixlet.

Thanks for your response ,I have copied the fixlet to custom site but could you please guide me how we can modify the source code.
Any web link or guidance would be helpful.

When editing your copied fixlet, double-click on the script icon (the yellow graphic below the description text) on the “Description” tab as shown in the screenshot below.

Then add/modify/delete the necessary code in the “Edit Script Element” editor box as shown in the screenshot below.


Obviously testing in a non-production environment against non-production endpoints would be advisable until your modified fixlet and associated code has been validated.

Gald to see this option, let me check and get back if in case I need any further input

I did search for the portion related to Disk Name and Size but was not able to find any information in Edit Script Element.
Can you please guide how I can remove the parameter for Disk Name and Size through this Edit Script Element.