Fixlet Debugger Evaluation Count Increases

In comparing the evaluation time of relevance using the fixlet debugger, I noticed that the evaluation time increases every time a statement is evaluated. If Fixlet Debugger is closed and reopened, the evalution counter starts over. I wonder if this is a bug that the evaluation time counter is not getting reset after each query?

This appears to only happen on the “single clause” tab.

Seems to be, I’ve observed this as well. Opening a new “Single Clause” tab does seem to start over again too, it’s a little faster than restarting the whole debugger.

what version of the tool? We are at 9.5.16 and I am not having this issue

I am using version

Interestingly I see that too in the Single Clause tab in Must admit I’ve never really checked until now as I tend to use the QNA tab and on that I typically see the first evaluation is higher then drops significantly if you re-evalulate. All this in local mode of course, not client mode.