Fixlet by Compliance computer group

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Regarding patch reporting, we have been using report ‘Fixlet by Compliance Computer group’ which is compatible with Mozilla firefox to have the CSV’s downloaded and shared as a status of patch reporting.
Is there any possibility to have this report to work with edge or chrome may be?

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Whre can i get ot to download it

Here we go:!/wiki/BigFix%20Wiki/page/Interactive%20Fixlet%20Compliance%20by%20Content%20Report

All Others:!/wiki/BigFix%20Wiki/page/Custom%20Reports

Thank you sir
But where is the new version link ita the old obe

V2.0 is the latest one, please check the attachments section on the same page & download.

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I am so sorry sir but i see no attachment sir

Sir vk khurava like where is attachment section

apologies I was on the road and was unable to reply! Attachments are located at the bottom of the page (previously shared link).

thank you so much sir.
seems you are very expert in bigfix. may i have ur contact please

hello sir
ok i impotrted it but i see no graphs is there is any way to enable the graps.
i did enabled the hardware accleration but nothing works.