Fixlet become superseded


Flash player version was available until it became superseded.
Can that task be used anymore or it’s not relevant cause it’s using the same download link ?

Thank you.

Superseded tasks can still be used. The “(Superseded)” tag is more of a notification that there is a patch that does what the patch does that is newer.

Then why are they not relevant after sending them?

Should a copy of them be kept?

You would have to determine whether all the relevance statements for the fixlet are actually true on the endpoints. I see two “FALSE” statements within the fixlet so I’m going to assume it’s failing because of those?

Probably yes, will edit the relevance.

Thanks for your help.

The flash fixlets aren’t usable due to the link being the same for every version of flash.

The fixlet is left for you to do tracking of how many endpoints were relevant and fixed etc based off that action.

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That being said would mean an action that couldn’t be used anymore.
Please correct me if I’m wrong!

The false being added to the relevance prevents it from running on any clients for new actions that would be taken, but any existing actions using the fixlet before it was changed will still work because the download will be in the root server webcache, so even though the download has changed, the download for the old version of flash with the now incorrect SHA1 will still be available until the root server webcache rolls over.

The same would apply if you had the fixlet in a baseline. The fixlet would still continue to work as long as you didn’t sync it up with the new version of the fixlet that has had false added to the relevance.