Fixlet Authoring/Development - Hands-on Training


We are in the process of deploying BigFix to our enterprise infrastructure, but during the time leading up to that phase, we would like some of our junior staff to be able to obtain some hands-on experience with fixlet authoring.

Is there an available, unlicensed tool or simulator that will allow for this type of training?

Is the Fixlet/QnA Debugger the only freely available option for this type of training? If so, would it be required to install a BigFix Agent on the same endpoint that the Debugger is running on to properly test newly authored fixlets?

I thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

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A good starting point for authoring custom content is There is also a custom content development training offering but this usually builds on the platform fundamentals course.

Fixlet Debugger can be installed on a machine with no client installed/functioning but there are certain abilities such as being able to evaluate in a client context that will not be available when you do that.

There are also a series of youtube videos for using the console and custom authoring. The video/audio quality vary greatly, but a lot of them are quite good. There’s an index of the videos at

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Thanks to all of you for this very helpful information!