Fixlet actions that can support parameters supplied from both API or Console

Hi all, I have a few Action XML templates that I use for automation to trigger actions that run a fixlet through the API. The action takes two parameter values in addition to the computer ids that have to be provided to it in order for it to work. RIght now, I provide those through automation tooling and populate it before submitting the action to run the fixlets.

What I want to do however is to allow this fixlet to also be run manually from the console in addition to being able to be triggered from the API through code but im not sure how I would go about making changes to it to support both. I want the fixlet to ask for the parameters or provide an input field for them when an action is triggered manually for them through the console but not when its run from an action through the API.

Is this possible?

Prompting to enter a parameter through the console is done with the following:

action parameter query

But you can also use HTML/JavaScript to have a form in the description that can be filled out and pass the parameter along.

I have never tried using parameters with the exact same fixlet/task through both the API and the Console, but Iā€™m fairly certain that one of the options should work.

If you use action parameter query in your action as jgstew suggested that will create the prompt when taking the action from the console.

You can populate that parameter for a fixlet in the XML you create for your API using the format below:

<Parameter Name="ParamName">ParamValue</Parameter>
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