Fixlet Action error

When i am trying to execute any of the fix-let action, i am getting below error message.
Is it something related to disk which is unable to write or anything which i need to be looked at bigfix application?

error message:
“Error taking action: Unexpected server error: class BIOWriter”

Which OS?

Standard BES Client installation?

Have any security changes been made to the drive you are attempting to access? The BES Client runs as either Local System (Windows) or root (*NIX OR Mac) and if those accounts are denied access, you can have problems.



It is standard installation

Restart of service solved my problem, but not sure what is the root cause of this issue, need to dig more to know.

I could not find that class within our current source so it may be coming from the OS somewhere. What version of the platform are you running?

It is on Windows 2012 R2