Fixlet 503733101 doesn't match its sha1 checksum neither its file size

Dear Gurús,

I have this fixlet “5037331: SQL Server 2019 RTM Cumulative Update (CU) 27 KB5037331 - SQL Server 2019 - KB5037331 (x64)” (Fixlet ID: 503733101)

The problem appears once downloaded to the BigFix server its verified sha1 checksum is 51a3839385638495b5609cfd75acd432d87f0181 as opposite as the fixlet states that is e82b486aaca4f361ba75bfb0e9727a3e2a47e02e.

It doesn’t match its sha1 checksum neither its file size.

File: sqlserver2019-kb5037331-x64_51a3839385638495b5609cfd75acd432d87f0181.exe

Status: Failed

Details: Download error: “Error processing completed download: Requested sha1 e82b486aaca4f361ba75bfb0e9727a3e2a47e02e does not match actual sha1 51a3839385638495b5609cfd75acd432d87f0181”

Download requested on server: 
Hash: (sha1)e82b486aaca4f361ba75bfb0e9727a3e2a47e02e 
Size: 921270480 bytes 
Next retry: 5 minutes. Retry now

What I might doing wrong?

Any thoughts very appreciated.


@Andres_cl, the error refers to the correct problem statement; you must submit a case with HCL; there is an inaccurate sha256 and file size; I confirmed it myself after downloading.

this is what I see when I query file’s sha1, size & sha256
A: 51a3839385638495b5609cfd75acd432d87f0181, 921270480, 196ddc07628722ed996a801410e1019d109a6c8c7ce8ed5bc6736d897411f1ae

We do not do SQL patching in my organisation, or else you would have raised the issue.

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Opened an internal JIRA on this issue, thank you for catching it. I was seeing this in my internal lab as well.


It does look like they released a fix for this yesterday, but only updated the SHA1 value, the size and the SHA256 values are incorrect. Updated the internal ticket to reflect this.

This is now fixed - Content Release: Patches for Windows published 2024-06-27