Fix - BES-Server and Relay different Actionsites?

Hi BigFix-community,
after update to BigFix 11.01, BES Relay Health shows me different Actionsite versions. BES Server: 41570 and Relay: 4169. As a result, the action “upload software scan results” does not run cleanly for the relay and its clients. How can I correct this?
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Just wanted to verify - are there some 36,000 versions between the two actionsites, or was the second a type that should be 41569 ?

If the actionsite difference is only ‘1’, then it’s probably not an issue. It’s pretty common for a Relay to be one or two versions behind ActionSite, since ActionSite changes very frequently and it can take some time (usually just a few minutes) to gather and then report the updated version.

I’d focus more on what you mean by ‘Upload Software Scan Results’ does not run ‘cleanly’. Is it giving an error? A failure? Are the results not importing? I’m not sure I understand your meaning here.

Sorry Jason, BES Server: 41570 and Relay: 41569 is correct.

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Ok, great, then I don’t think the actionsite difference is an issue. Tell us a bit more about what’s going on with your software scans?