First and Last Name

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Can First and last Name and or Full Name be extracted somehow?

Also, is there a property that tells what the network card(s) is?


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Hey jr,

Do you mean first name / last name of the logged in user?

The “Hardware Devices - Windows” Analysis on the “BES License and Inventory” site has all sorts of hardware information including the network card.


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Yes. First and Last Name of the logged on User.

For the hardware analysis, I am using that, but I when I search in the Computer tab in any field for any NIC or H/W device. it does not show there.

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You could try something like this:

string values of selects (“Fullname from Win32_account where domain=” & (string values of selects (“Domain from Win32_computersystem”) of WMI) and " name=" & (string values of selects (“username from Win32_computersystem”) of WMI)) of WMI

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Do i have to edit this? I don’t get the results I’m looking for.


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If this is a domain user, I am not sure it is possible since the BES client runs as a system account and has no access to the domain. If this is a local user you can use “full name of local user (name of current user)”, but will return an error if a domain user is logged in.

The “Network Adapter - Windows” property under the “Hardware Information (Windows)” analysis reports the network cards.