Find Video Card Model

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I need to find which of my computers, in IEM, has a certain video card. It seems that machines with this type of card are having driver issues and we need to find them before they have a BSOD event. I have the relevance to query wmi for the adapter (from another forum post), but cannot figure out how to incorporate into an analysis or a fixlet to show me which of the machines have the card. Here’s the relevance:

selects “Name, DriverVersion from Win32_VideoController” of wmi

I am looking for all Dell Optiplex 990’s with an ATI/AMD Radeon HD 6450.


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How about something like

(string value of property “Name” of it, string value of property “driverversion” of it) of (select objects “Name, DriverVersion from Win32_VideoController” whose (it as string contains “ATI/AMD Radeon HD 6450”) of wmi)

There are a few things you could also do here that I think you could try

  1. Create an analysis that collects the video information for all systems. For this, just remove the (it as string contains…) and you would have an analysis to return the video card and driver version for all systems.

  2. Create an analysis with this as the property and then set the relevance to only be relevant to Dell Optiplex 990 (this is another WMI call that you can get from the hardware inventory analysis.


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Thanks Martin! I’ll give your suggestion a try ASAP.