Find share names and UNC path

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Is there a way that I can find all the shares set up on a computer and then report back the share name and attributes?

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Do you mean something like this…?

Q: (name of it & " - " & following text of first “Path=” of (it as string)) of values of key “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\lanmanserver\shares” of registry

A: ToJesse - C:\Documents and Settings\jesse_ward-karet\My Documents\JermeyRedHatStuff\ToJesse

A: Shared - C:\Documents and Settings\jesse_ward-karet\My Documents\Shared

A: MacImages - E:\MacImages

A: BESComponents - E:\BESComponents

A: Graphics - E:\Graphics

T: 1.252 ms

I: plural string

What other attributes are you looking for?

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The following will also return the $ shares.

Q: (following texts whose (number of substrings " - " of it is 2) of substrings " - " of preceding texts whose (number of substrings " - " of it mod 3 is 0) of substrings " - " of it) of (" - " & (concatenation " - " of (string values of selects “Description, Name, Path from win32_share” of wmi)) & " - ")

A: Blah - Blah - C:\Blah

A: Remote IPC - IPC$ -

A: Printer Drivers - print$ - C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers

A: Remote Admin - ADMIN$ - C:\WINDOWS

A: Default share - C$ - C:\

A: SQL Images - SQL - C:\Images\SQL

T: 29.720 ms

I: plural substring

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There’s also a dedicated “network shares” inspector for this.


(comment of it, name of it, path of it) of network shares

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this is only working on a MS Windows OS?