Find My iPhone

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there are any querys to see if “Find My iPhone” is activated on a iOS device?

Thanks Andi

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Hi Andi,

There isn’t a way to query for that specific feature, but you can see if location services are enabled using:

enabled of gps

Here is a list of all inspectors we support for iOS:!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Apple%20iOS%20Inspectors

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This seems to be coming up more and more. One of the big issues I am seeing is that the setting will lock the device to the particular user and in the case of corporate supplied devices, this can cause some issues. So knowing the setting is a good first step, but also being able to manage it would be great. I have checked out a couple other vendors and it appears that this is not a managed property. So do report the current state though.

I am thinking that Apple has locked this property so that only their Apple Configurator tool can change it, but this tool is not an enterprise tool and is one of the configurations I would hope a MDM solution could provide.

I have opened an RFE on this, so we can see what happens :slight_smile: