Find method on Analysis's Properties

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I noticed there are “Find” method has implemented on BigFix console Analysis Tab, Computers Tab. However, it’s doesn’t have on the edit properties.

I make properties edit alot when the fixlet move from 1 console to another console. it’s time consuming to find out the specific properties for eidt when it have 100++ properties in 1 Analysis. Can the “Find” method implement on the “Edit” Properties on the Analysis?.

I do see there is a manage properties under Tools… it allow to sort and type in something provided you know the properties name start with…but it doesnt allow to edit the properties on that manage properties unless you have to custom make another one.

Can the “Find” feature implement on the edit properties analysis?

Thanks, Tiffy

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The menu that lets you choose which properties to show in a computer list is searchable in 8.0. If this is your request, then great! If it’s not, could you be a little more specific? I’m not sure what you mean by “the ‘edit’ properties on the analysis.”