Filter to group specific fixlets

Here is my challenge…

We only want to patch a small portion of the Extended 3rd party patches. We don’t use policies, mostly because we are multi-tenant. I do use filters, extensively, to get fixlets to update specific baselines. Example:


The challenge is, Filters do not work for what we need because we can’t do an AND/OR.


However, I can get it from Web Reports…

The problem with the Web Reports, there is not a way to select all, Add to existing Baseline. :frowning:

Once in the baseline, I understand we can just sync them to get the up to date, but we still need the ability to create the baseline as new when needed.

Any ideas?

You can create a REST API query that retrieves all relevant Fixlets and then use it to create or update the baseline

@D.Dean, all of the “Updates for Windows Application Extended” content begins with “Update:”. Could you possibly use this approach instead as depicted in this example?

@D.Dean, if you have access to “BigFix Insights for Vulnerability Remediation” and the “Create Baseline from Fixlet List”, this may also help accomplish or assist with your end goal of creating a baseline from a list of fixlets:


Enter the list of sitenames and fixlet # as depicted below.


Then click on the “Validate Input” button to proceed.


Then select the fixlets from the list and click on the “Generate Content” button to create your baseline.


Unfortunately, this did not work. I will try your other idea.

Take the ‘Visibility’ clause out if you’re going to use the ‘Any’ operator, because that will include too many things just because they’re visible.

Done, and the site filter as well.

Getting closer

This worked once I removed the visibility and site entries.

@gus thanks for this.