FillDB responding slowness at the certain time

Hi, I see everyday filldb buffer dir almost full at specific period of time almost 4000 entries and processing very slow.

can someone help what i need to investigate what is causing issues?

I have checked analysis and action nothing find any specific info?

There are many things it could be :slight_smile:

One thing I would start with is checking the performance of the system at this time. When I saw this happen previously, it was a disk IO issue. We were on a virtual server and there was a backend disk issue. When we moved to physical, the issue went away.

Some other things to look at

  • Is there a system backup going on at this time?
  • Is the antivirus scanning at this time?
  • Is there some database maintenance running at this time?
  • Is the database local or remote? If remote, what is going on at the remote system?


i am using physical server with local DB installed. I need to look over backup and AV scan on other hand

do not see AV scan , but not sure why DB is taking huge CPU and RAM?