File version relevancy

I need to compare line one of a local file to line 1 of a remote file. If they have any differences the fixlet will pop relevant. Is this possible?

The line is displayed like this:

123.1234.123.000 - 12/12/2021 23:37:45 GMT

If you can just compare the version numbers that would be even better. Otherwise the date and time are the same on both ends.

Where is this ‘remote’ file?

The Bigfix agent runs as SYSTEM on Window, root on other OS, and there are, therefore, difficulties in working with remote files. Search the forum for many instructive posts.

That said, to get the version out of the local file, something along the lines of

(it as string as version) of preceding text of first " " of line 1 of file <your file spec>

May not be 100% correct, I’m typing this on a phone

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