File transfer in BigFix

Is there any option in BigFix to say all files to be transferred are to be in binary mode only?

Problem is when I intend to transfer few files (includes binary and ascii) to endpoint, I could see there’s a cksum mismatch on transferred files (ASCII) but this is not posing any trouble in binary files… so intending to know if there’s any option to set so that all files will be transferred only in binary mode.

In what way are you transferring the files? BigFix itself should not be doing any ASCII/Binary translation, that’s usually a function of FTP servers or clients. What command is doing the transfers - prefetch, download, download now as, ???

I’ve seen some cases where proxy servers might modify the contents on hypertext transfers.

thanks JasonWalker.

I had to set the binary mode while transferring files from s/w config server to BigFix console to have them uploaded.

I’m using prefetch in actionscript…

I couldn’t spot any issues now… thanks a lot for your quick help