Feedback Requested: Support for Microsoft BitLocker

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Hi All,

We are considering developing some content to support reporting and basic management of BitLocker deployments. If you use BitLocker, or are considering deploying it in the future, please share your thoughts on the below areas to help us build a more useful offering.

If you’d like to provide input in a private forum, feel free to email me directly at

(1) Do you currently use BitLocker, or plan to deploy it soon? If not, are you using another disk encryption technology?

(2) If you are using BitLocker, on how many computers is it deployed? Only laptops, or a mix? What operating systems?

(3) How do you currently manage BitLocker, and what are the major pain points?

(4) What data would be helpful to report back via the TEM agent and make available via the Console? Examples include percent encryption, encryption status (encrypted, suspended, decrypted), BitLocker settings in WMI, etc.

(5) What management actions would be useful to take via TEM? For example, would it be helpful to temporarily suspend encryption on an endpoint via TEM? What else would be useful?

(6) What could we potentially do in TEM to make the deployment/setup of BitLocker easier?

Thanks for the help!


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1 - We’ve looked at it but haven’t deployed it. For us, a cross platform solution would be a better fit, something like truecrypt.

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Thanks for the response, jspanitz!

Anyone else out there using BitLocker?

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Awesome stuff man. We’ve just started using BitLocker on a handful of test sites.