Feature Request - Console Operator Notification

(imported topic written by SystemAdmin)

I don’t remember seeing this request asked before. There are times when the BES needs a reboot - either scheduled or not. We can see in the console the last login time of an operator - however, without looking in SQL - there is no indication that the person is still actually logged into the console. It would be helpful (for me at least) to have the ability in the console to send all “current console logged in operators” a pop up stating that the system is going offline.

I know I could use a custom task and target them with a post message pop up - but no sense notifying the operator if they are not logged in - or if they are connected through a Citrix session from home - and I don’t know exactly which PC they are connecting from.

Right now - I take a guess based on their last login and action history and might give them a call prior to the reboot. But usually I just reboot and wait for their emails or calls asking what happened. Once in a while I make someone upset as they were in the middle of building an action as the system went down. Ooops.

The BES reboots don’t happen often - but you know Windows servers. It happens.