Failing action script

This fixlet is failing due to the action script. Can someone give this a quick review to see if I am applying it correctly? When I run this script on a test machine it often shows that it passes each line but fails overall.

You don’t have a “subscribe” parameter set in your script before the statement. That if statement will never be true.

What is the relevance of this fixlet?

It is likely failing due to the relevance, not the actionscript.

Why are you setting eval=1 ? Is this something custom, or for something in particular that changes the behavior of bigfix?

It might be better to use a client setting, especially if you intend to do something similar on non-windows systems in the future.

The plan is to have other actions use that registry setting as relevance latter. Here is the relevance for that fixlet.

In that case, I’d probably recommend a client setting instead. They are designed to do this sort of thing and in a cross platform way.

Your issue is that the fixlet does not have any relevance to check to see if this registry value already exists.

What is going to be the effect of “eval” ?

If you were going to use a client setting to do this, then you would add relevance like the following:

not exists settings "eval" whose("1" = value of it) of client

And the actionscript to set it would be like this:

setting "eval"="1" on "{now}" for client

And the relevance for other tasks that would depend on this would be:

exists settings "eval" whose("1" = value of it) of client

Even better, if you make that part of the criteria for a custom site and put the stuff in there, then those tasks will only apply to machines that satisfy the criteria.

As @jgstew stated above, using client settings makes this process much easier.

Your action script uses a parameter in the relevance but that parameter is not defined anywhere before the relevance where it first appears. You need to define what that parameter is before your regset command will work. How is this parameter determined?

Also, I think this is the third or fourth thread you’ve made regarding this particular action you’re trying to accomplish so I would recommend keeping it all in one thread.

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