FAILED to Synchronize - Site data corrupted

Hello Team
I have created a task for many servers, but only one server is not running, attached image on this topic:

Reviewing in the client log file, this message is repeated continuously:
Retry error, attempt 9 failed for ForceNonexistence (C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client_BESData\mailboxsite\Action 1405436.fxf)
_ Gather::SyncSiteByFile caught FileIOError (5) FileIOError

_ FAILED to Synchronize - Site data corrupted. - gather url -

I removed and installed the BigFix-BES-Client- file, but the error persists
I will appreciate all the support from you, I don’t know what else to do

When you removed the Client, did you ensure that the __BESData folder was deleted?

  • Simply using the Add/Remote programs option in Windows leaves a lot of data behind. It only removes what the installer created.
  • Using the BESRemover tool would strip EVERYTHING about BES off the computer and cause an identity reset when you re-installed the BES Clinet on the computer.

The option I would try before opening a PMR is to stop the BES Client service then manually rename the __BESData folder to something else and restart the BES Client service. IThe service will immediately rebuild the __BESData folder by requerying the Relay for all the site data. Once the client is back up again, you can delete the renamed folder.

If the Relay is providing bad data to the BES Client, you can perform a similar process on the Relays to reset their content as well by resetting the Relay’s contents which it will then re-download from the Main BES Server or it’s Parent Relay.


Try re-signing your custom fixlet/task by making a small edit and saving it again. Then try re-running it.