Extracted File Verification

When creating fixlets we use bfarchive to compress the installers we push to a clients computer as they contain multiple files.
We then use the extract command to extract the files to a folder on the clients system before triggering the install.

Sometimes a reboot might happen before a fixlet completes. We are trying to save on bandwidth so we are trying to figure out a check to see if the files were extracted properly on the machine already, if they are it won’t try and re-prefetch the files.

An partial example of what one of our fixlets upto where the prefetch and file move is below:

prefetch IPSWITCH_WS-FTP_PRO_FOR_SAS_USERS_12.6.0.4_x86_EN_1.0.compressed sha1:2c0d7b101e6c750ff2da167a688ce6759d3e5204 size:25884415 http://winshare01/ISC_LOCAL_APPS/IPSWITCH%20WS-FTP%20PRO%20FOR%20SAS%20USERS_12.6.0.4_x86_EN_1.0/IPSWITCH%20WS-FTP%20PRO%20FOR%20SAS%20USERS_12.6.0.4_x86_EN_1.0.txt

action uses wow64 redirection {not x64 of operating system}

// defines fixlet variables
parameter “appname” = "IPSWITCH WS-FTP PRO FOR SAS USERS_12.6.0.4_x86_EN_1.0"
parameter “popupname” = "IPSWITCH WS-FTP PRO FOR SAS USERS"
parameter “baseFolder” = “C:/Admin/Deploy/{parameter “appname”}”

// Deletes temporary installation directory if it exists from a previous install
dos rmdir /s /q “{parameter “baseFolder”}”

// Extracts the compressed file to the base folder
extract “IPSWITCH_WS-FTP_PRO_FOR_SAS_USERS_12.6.0.4_x86_EN_1.0.compressed” “{parameter “baseFolder”}”

Check out prefetch block with an if check to see if the files are already local?