External and Internal Client Configuration

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Good afternoon everyone,

I have been working with Big Fix for some time but now we had to setup some external / internal agents running on laptops. Here are teh requirements:

  1. When the laptop is external, it should download the patches Directly from the vender.

  2. When Internal the laptop should only download the patches from the designated relays.

  3. The installation of the client will happen remotely most of the time, the communication needs to happen at least once to get the seeklist data?

What has been done:

We have setup 2 sets of relays InternalRelayList, ExternalRelayList We have also registered teh internal relays for the internalList and external Relays registered to external List.

We have enabled Encryption and Certificate registration.

The external relays are URLs and we have updated the relays to be known by their URL externally.

We have setup logic to switch the download direct flag between 0 and 1 if the client is internal / external.

Here is my clientsettings.cfg file below
















When External we are having issues downloading files directly although we can get to the request download path without any problems from IE. There is no proxy configured for IE either.

It has multiple attempts and then says JobFailed - cancel and fail action


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Even though it is probably not needed, you could try adding:


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will do that right now although i dont think it matters because downloaddirect flag is set to 1. That takes presidence. I have a PMR open hopefully someone can give me some guidance…

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I agree, it shouldn’t matter, but worth trying.

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That did not work. I did manage to figure out the policy items, but the machine still has issues downloading directly from microsoft in general.

No proxy is setup on the machine when its external.