Export to pdf issue

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We have recently upgraded our server to version 9.5.5. Now we are encountering below error when we are trying to export to pdf reports

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I recently experienced the same issue a few weeks ago after upgrading to 9.5.5 and enabling the PDF functionality. In my case, the issue was due to the following setting “_WebReports_HTTPServer_HostName” reverting back to the original hostname of my company’s very first Bigfix server that we had since retired. We had created a CNAME record for the original server to simplify the migration to a Virtual Machine after I inherited the environment. In case you didn’t know, you can’t change the DNS name of your Bigfix server without starting over from scratch due to the DNS name being hardcoded in the masthead. I have attached two KB articles that IBM referred to me when I had an open PMR. The first link assists with importing the signed certificate although I never was able to display the options mentioned on my Server 2012R2 instance. The second link ended up being the issue for me which was a hostname issue due to my company having legacy domains in addition the the one we use now.



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Thanks Jolugo. The second link resolve our issue.

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Is it possible to set two values on a besclient setting? I ask because we have two Webreport server and one is having an issue exporting to PDF. Thanks