Expired Actions

Successful or not, all expired actions must be deleted? I see thousands of actions in the console, but I need to identify those that can be removed from the console and the database. Except for the ones with dynamic content, are there others that can be eliminated directly?

All the expired action can be removed from the console. You have to manually remove those actions. Just right click and delete it from the console. To remove those action you can schedule a task or you can remove it manually with the help of IBM Audit cleaner tool, you can remove the expired action which are not been used for months. By scheduling the activity all the expired action which have not been used for more than a month will be removed including the action which you have customized. You can get the Audit cleaner tool in IBM BigFix Administrator Tool. I would suggest you to take the backup of all the Actions which you have customized.

If your company doesn’t require to keep the action history then you can remove the actions either manually or configuring the IBM Audit Cleaner Tool.
The less actions in the console the better Console performance when you have many endpoints reporting in your environment.

Thank you very much!!! My customer requires to keep a year of all records, including actions. But anyway, I’m going to make a backup of all the actions, just in case.
Thanks again.