Exit Messages in BigFix

Hello, Sorry if this question has been posted before, but I am quite new on the Bigfix scenario

I am used to work with workflows in Tivoli Provisioning Manager and I am slowly making the transition into bigfix. I have now created some task and actions to replace old workflows, but I am struggling with the exit messages that I can get back from perl or shell scripts.

The basic question is, is there any specific way that I can write back to the Operator console the success or failure of the action?, I am not looking for Exit 0 or 1 or for completed or Failure, but something that pops up to the operator in the console and says “We have been able to carry out your request and the main result is…” as in some cases the operator is expecting an specific message coming from the application in order to accept that the task or action has been completed.

Again I apologize for the question if it is too basic.

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I think I have asked a question similar in the past, and unfortunately have gotten the response that it cannot be done.

However, on certain “out-of-the-box” tasks, I’ve seen detailed error messages such as “Failed to Download, trying again later” or the like. It is sometimes confusing what “is” and “is not” feasible with BigFix and the Console. Then, there is the WebUI which has it’s own nuances and of which I am less familiar.

So, to address this I started writing the Action scripts and underlying tasks to have very specific exit codes within the script, such that you have to back reference to the Action script itself and figure out why something exited non-zero.

This doesn’t directly address the concern but was the way I have had to “deal with it,” but I would like definitely like to know if this type of function has come into availability as well !!!

I am not aware of any way to do this within the action.

A common method for achieving like behavior would be to save the results of the perl or shell scripts to a file and read them in with an analysis.