Exit Code 2359302

I’m trying to update .Net Framework on several machines and keep getting and exit code of 2359302, which I believe indicates that the patch has been installed already. What command do I send to these machines to for the console to update and show this patch as applied and NOT show it as needing it.?

Appreciate any help as usual.


I think that will happen sometimes if you try to install a patch while it already has a pending reboot due to another patch. Have you tried rebooting then updating .Net Framework on those machines?

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There’s no command to send, though it’s possible there’s a false-positive in the fixlet detection.
You’d probably need to open a Support incident on it, as they’ll need the specific fixlet IDs and will likely ask you to run the relevance clauses on one of these systems to see which statement(s) are giving false-positives.

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I ran it through the fixlet debugger and got this but I’m not savvy enough to know what this means.

STATUS: Running action…
Command succeeded (Prefetch download manager collected file) prefetch windows10.0-kb5033909-x64-ndp48_ae6d65030ae80a9661685579932305f66be1907a.msu sha1:ae6d65030ae80a9661685579932305f66be1907a size:73633380 https://catalog.s.download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2023/12/windows10.0-kb5033909-x64-ndp48_ae6d65030ae80a9661685579932305f66be1907a.msu sha256:bbe29a7ceb22b4b2f4e902574ea4ca41ff8667c7765f0baeb88329ef67657912
Command succeeded (evaluated true) continue if {exists running service “wuauserv” OR NOT exists service “wuauserv” whose (start type of it = “disabled”)}
Command failed (Relevance substitution failed) waithidden “{pathname of system folder & “\wusa.exe”}” “{pathname of client folder of current site & “__Download\windows10.0-kb5033909-x64-ndp48_ae6d65030ae80a9661685579932305f66be1907a.msu”}” /quiet /norestart
Command failed (Relevance clauses must be surrounded by { and } guards.) waithidden “{pathname of system folder & “\wusa.exe”}” “{pathname of client folder of current site & “__Download\windows10.0-kb5033909-x64-ndp48_ae6d65030ae80a9661685579932305f66be1907a.msu”}” /quiet /norestart

— Result —
Evaluation failed!

thanks. interesting because I’ve rebooted several machines several times and its’ still the same exit code.

I believe that is failing because I don’t believe “pathname of client folder of current site” would work in fixlet debugger because it’s not using the site subscriptions when sending it.


I suspect that is due to the pathname of client folder of current site which may not evaluate in the local mode that the action tab of the FixletDebugger will run under. You will probably need to hardcode the path to test it in the FixletDebugger

This is one of those wierd error messages that come up on a lot of updates not just .net framework and does seem like it might be a false positive and might need some evaluation reviewed or perhaps there is more to the story. Not sure what advice to give you on where to take it. I would probably do what Jason recommended and engage support for more information.

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