Execution Tab / Starts and End

Hi Team,

I just wondering if this kind of execution is fine?


Because the result of that execution is this

It set to be run on 10/19/2019 at 9:10 PM but it execute the next day.

How can we avoid these if we have a patch time frame within 9:00PM to 5:00AM?

Please Help. Thank you in advance.

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Was the target machine turned off, and just brought online the next morning? Or perhaps was running anothet action that did not complete until that time?

The client logs from that endpoint should be helpful.

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Hi Sir @JasonWalker,

No Sir, This Server was a test server for patches of CentOS.

I will ask for the client logs to the Admin.

Thank you Sir.

Hi Sir,

This is the Logfile from 10/19/2019

Multiple Action Group 126784.fxf’
At 21:08:02 +0800 - mailboxsite (http://BigfixServer/cgi-bin/bfgather.exe/mailboxsite)
Gather::SyncSiteByFile adding files - count: 1
At 21:08:02 +0800 -
Successful Synchronization with site ‘mailboxsite’ (version 37) - 'BigfixServer/cgi-bin/bfgather.exe/mailboxsite’
Processing action site.
DownloadPing command received (ID=126765)
At 21:08:02 +0800 - mailboxsite (BigfixServer/cgi-bin/bfgather.exe/mailboxsite)

The Action Group ID is 126784 but why is the "DownloadPing Command received (ID=126765) and that action ID belongs to a Windows Operating System.

why is that?

Please help. thank you

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