Executing the BESComputerRemoval tool in a remote DB environment

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Can the BESComputerRemoval tool be run on the local TEM server although the DB is on a seperated database server? I have tried using the -d for BES DSN and -u and -p for username and password (using primarily for duplicate name removal). Error message below. Want to confirm if the utility needs to be run on the DB server only. Thanks!

Argument “-d” isn’t numeric in numeric eq (==) at BESComputerRemover.pl line 142

, line 165.

DBI connect(‘bes_bfenterprise’,’’,…) failed:


[SQL Server Native Cli

ent 10.0]

SQL Server

Login failed for user ‘’. (SQL-28000) at /<C:\BES_DATA\Util

ities\BESComputerRemover.exe>BESTools/Databases.pm line 94

  • Mike

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Hey Mike,

I think it is supposed to work (although I haven’t tried it myself)…

What is the commandline are you using?


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Hi Ben,

I have tried different combinations to this:

-f -D -n -T -d DBserver\InfrastructureSQ\bes_bfenterprise

Prior to the DB being moved to a remote server I only used the commands prior to the DNS location. Also have tried adding the appropriate account/password option to the end of that as well (also quotes and not quotes around the DNS).



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I can see if the DBA will allow me to run it on the remote DB server - but not sure we want that task automatically running there.