Execute cmd file by Run as Admistrator

I am trying to run the command and save the output on a file. But when i want to run the cmd file it need to Run as Administrator permission

because it is in the windows directory.
I have tried it by using override but it gives an error
In fixlet debugger “override value is unknown for this keyword”
My code is
appendfile ipconfig/all > {location of system folder} \ipconfig.cmd
delete {location of system folder} \ipconfig.cmd
Copy _appendfile {location of system folder} \ipconfig.cmd
Override wait
Completion = job
Hidden = true
runas = {name of logged on user}
wait ipconfig

The console will run as System, which is equivalent to running as an admin. The debugger will not. But if you were still wanting to use the override command your runas should be runas=currentuser or runas=localuser
like so (The debugger probably will not prompt for password)

override wait
user=domain\username or {relevance}
wait filehere

The BigFix client (I mean client, not the FixletDebugger) runs with Local System account.
If what you need to do is ipconfig, I think you can just run it from BigFix client.

@akira Ipconfig is just an example i want to run any command on any client and get the output on the server

Still I am not sure what exactly you want do do, but if you want to run a command in a context of a specific user with Administrative privilege rather than local system context, then as @MMosley indicated, you need to use override with following keywords

user=(local or domain user)

And, this does not run in FixletDebugger (because FixletDebugger does not run as local system where client does) and you need to try with real action.

Note: “required” in password=required is the keyword and you will specify actual password when you submit your action from console.

Yes i got it… The main issue is with debugger… When i run it as Task then it works