Execute an action immediately after BigFix agent installation


Our goal is to execute an action in an obligatory way just after BigFix agent installation.

Example action: Retrieve the name of the user who installed the agent, his AIX/Linux login or his Windows account.

Do you have any ideas on how to do this?


An Open action, targeting All Computers, configured to apply one time with no retry, and with no end date, would have that effect.

There are also discussions in the forum for creating a Computer Group for “New” computers only. The most common method I see is to create a relevance

now - minimum of subscribe times of sites < 1 * day

That creates a Computer Group in which a computer is only a member for one day. Then you could target your “New Computer Actions” against that group dynamically.

Thanks Jason for the answer, that’s exactly what I do to install the scanner on each new agent installation. My goal is to store in a property (settings) the name of the administrator who made the installation of the agent, ie retrieve the name of the admistrator for future needs.


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Is the name of the Administrator recorded somewhere as part of your BigFix Client installation process? If not, it might be worth putting a wrapper script around the installer that captures the Administrator name and stores it in a file on the system in a safe place.

You could then use an analysis to capture that into the BigFix console. If you really want to put it in a setting, then your action would look for the name in that file and create the setting.