Exe package created using powershell is getting failed

exe package created using powershell is getting failed when we deploy it using SWD wizard.


FileName.exe (created this package using powershell) through SWD wizard or swd dashboard it is getting failed to deploy.

What could be the issue?

Does the exe’s run in PsEXEC as SYSTEM?

To test this download PSTOOLs.

Then extract and place the PsExec exes in a folder.

Open the command line as an Admin.
psexec -s -i cmd.exe

this will open another command shell, then execute the exe the exact same way the bigfix agent would.

What do you see?

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Jgo’s way could be one of the method. But please be informed that many AV agents like Sophos have blocked execution of PsEXEC and Can also lockdown the system from executing any binaries.

  1. I would use SWD to build the package
  2. upload the package to Uploads folder, generate SHA values and use simple lines to execute it, something like

a. Prefetch the content
b. waithidden cmd.exe /c “path to the binary”

thank you I will try this and let you know the output result.