EXE not running (Highfive)

Hi All,

I am trying to package and deploy an EXE file from https://highfive.com. The download EXE file can be found here https://start.highfive.com/.

I can run the EXE through QnA locally and it installs with no issues but once I push through Console nothing installs on machine. From the Bigfix Console, the action shows as completed but no Highfive application was installed.

wait __Download\highfive.exe
(I have also tried with /s, /quiet, waithidden, etc with all same results)

I did send an email to the vendor’s support team and they didn’t really provide much help. Basically telling me there is no way to silently deploy and to provide my users temporary admin rights which is not an option for us.

Any suggestions?

You’ll have to be able to automate it through the command line, with no “click next to continue” or other responses required. BigFix won’t be able to deploy it if it can’t be done silently.

QnA is running in your logged-on user context, not the SYSTEM context that the BES Client uses.