Exclude machine from analysis based on a client setting

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I have a site named “test”

In that site, I have an analysis.

I have a client setting called “noTestAnalyze”.

I want an analysis to be relevant on all machines that either lack the noTestAnalyze setting, or have it set to ‘0’

Is this possible? I can check for the existence of “noTestAnalyze” in the besclient.config file – but I can’t figure out how to see what the Value associated with that setting is.

I’m checking Unix/Linux clients for this setting, too.

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I have found that I can directly examine the besclient.config file, by doing this:

following texts of lasts (" “;”%09") of (next lines of (lines whose (it contains “noTestAnalyze”) of file “/var/opt/BESClient/besclient.config”))

(you see, the line VALUE = $VALUE appears immediately after the line that says noTestAnalyze)

This isn’t perfect, since it can return multiple results if there are multiple sites with this setting name.

Is there a more elegant way to do this?

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Not entirely sure what you are trying to do… however, does this help: