Exchange property

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Does any one have an Exchange property to identify Exchnage servers, no matter which role is installed?

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I’ve done a tiny bit of research… I don’t currently have access to any exchange servers or I’d build something for you.

Build numbers and release dates for Exchange Server

How to determine the version number, the build number, and the service pack level of Exchange Server

Since the latter recommends using powershell… Here is my thought process on how I’d approach this:

  1. Determine what PowerShell libraries are “included” when using the “Microsoft Exchange Management Shell”. The shortcut basically launches PowerShell and automatically includes several Exchange PowerShell module libraries which give you access to that functionality recommended: get-exchangeserver

  2. Manually run the commands to determine what you need and output a file using the PowerShell Template:

I’d suggest saving the results file into “parent folder of client” for easy retrieval by a property or analysis.