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I’m having varying results with the excel plugin. When i create a filter to filter out machines i don’t want to see. I lose machines that should be there. I’m filtering by subnet so i know i should see that machine. When i don’t use a filter the machine shows up. Any help would be appreciated.

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Can you please show us the computer(s) that you are expecting to see, just the name and IP addresses.

Then please tell us the filter that you tried which is not working correctly.

Lee Wei

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The only thing i noticed was that in the console it shows multiple IP address’s and subnet address’s. Both are on the 40 subnet, lan connection/wireless connection

Attached is a screen shot of the filter.

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I don’t see the attachment in the post.

I have heard issues with other trying to post attachments.

It might be easier to just type out the filter criteria.

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Property Operator Value

Subnet Address Does Not Contain

Subnet Address Does Not Contain

Subnet Address Does Not Contain

Subnet Address Does Not Contain

Subnet Address Does Not Contain

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If the computer that is missing from view (after applying the filter) has Any of the subnet addresses above, then we would expect it to be filtered out, is that correct?

Meaning does computer have any interface in the above subnet addresses?

Note that when you see the results from a query, there might be additional data (IP addresses) beyond what might be visible in the spreadsheet.

We need to change the row height to see some of them.

This can be changed by using a different concatenation string in the “Concatenate Multi-Value Results:” option in the “Attributes Available for BES Computers” step.

Changing the concatenation string to "; " for example, will cause the IP addresses to string together rather then on different lines.

Just a guess…

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Thanks to NHolmes for helping me track down this bug.

If the property has multiple values, the filter does not work correctly.

This is now fixed in the latest version which is 1.4.


General info on the Excel Connector is here: