Excel Connector not loading with latest Excel (Office 365)

It looks that the most recent version of Excel (e.g.:Office 365, version 1908) is unable to load the Excel connector.
The message seen on the Add-In COM says:

"mscoree.dll : Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in."
and the plugin doesn’t show.

Are you still able to manage the Excel Connector and provide udates to it?


Hi Andrea,

Got message, I will take a look when I can!

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It sounds like Mark did get it working on an older Office 2010.

@leewei can we open source and maintain your bigfix tools here? https://github.com/bigfix

James - are you saying you just need the source?
Here is the Visual Studio project to download.

There are dependencies and the main one being Addin Express:

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I’m just asking your permission, can we post the source on the BigFix github as an open source project going forward?

Yes for sure please post the source and open source project.
Thanks James!


This is now open source, happy holidays! :slight_smile: GitHub - bigfix/ExcelAddIn: Repo for Lee Wei's BigFix Excel Add In