Example of fixlet that uploads a file and contains prefetch to retrieve it

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I’m looking for a sample fixlet message/task that prompts a user for a folder name to be subsequently compressed into a single file and uploaded into TEM, and then, in the action portion of the task, “prefetched”, with the appropriate sha1, file size and file name values.

What I want to actually do is prompt the user that initiates this task for the name of a folder that contains several files, including a CPIO file and a script that will install it, and I want the folder and its contents to be compressed, added to the TEM repository (assuming it’s not already there), and have the action portion of the task contain the appropriate prefetch statement/or statements, to download that data to the client, where I’d extract the contents and eventually initiate the downloaded script that references the other downloaded data.

I’d simply use the Software Distribution Dashboard wizard to do this, as it comes very close to doing what I want, but it does not generate action logic that works on Solaris, which is where I need to do this - initially.

I assume I’ll need to use Javascript, but that’s all I might know.

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Can you describe a bit more how the current software distro wizard doesn’t fit your needs?

The wizard’s .ojo file is basically open-source. You could pull it and the related files out into a seperate custom site and modify it to fit your specific needs.

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The current software distro wizard generates action script logic that does not work on UNIX systems (with the exception perhaps of Macs).

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I just published a windows shell extension (


) with the express purpose of making putting files into the repository much easier. If you’re like me you were only using the wizard to “get files in”. I copy the code but 9 times out of 10, I edit their code alot.

Anyways, the extension I wrote automatically generates actionscript code just like the wizard for use in actions. If you could provide the various action script examples you’d like to be generated, I can accomidate in that tool. I don’t have direct access to the wizard’s official code to update it.

Although it would be nice if, even if it was commented out, the software distro wizard would provide code for each of the ways to download/execute. Choose a default that is un-commented. That way the end user could comment that out and use the one they want.

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Thanks, Daniel. I’ll check this out. Not sure if I’ll go with it or not. I hope that at least some day the software distribution wizard will support more than it does today. :slight_smile: